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5 Things You Can Do To Make Moving Less Stressful

Aug 18

The majority of people experience tension and anxiety when changing homes or apartments. Saying none of the unfavorable things that come to mind is not only time-consuming and expensive, but it is also stressful. But you can lessen the strain of moving by following some guidelines.

The first step is to create an inventory of your moving needs. Next, you should purchase moving supplies and equipment, as they can be very useful! It is possible to begin packing one room at one time. Don't forget to make sure you have a proper labeling system.

Even though there is no way to totally remove moving-related anxiety, there are ways to ease the process. We have developed a variety of best moving suggestions to lessen the stress.

5 Things You Can Do to Make Moving Less Stressful

While plenty of methods to keep your anxiety to a minimum, these are some of the most efficient.

Tip #1: Make a list of things to do in the next few days.

Your strategy for a smooth departure from your home is the list of duties you've made. Start by compiling an exact checklist of all the necessary steps, such as making a down payment or keeping a car in storage. A cost estimate for the complete moving process is also an option. Moving is a multi-step process that doesn't only involve packing your house. In this regard, you might make an action plan to make sure you have a good time management strategy while moving.

We advise keeping a detailed notebook with you at all times that outlines all the tasks you must do before moving. As soon as you think of anything else, write it down. Here are a few additional crucial items you must include:

  • You can sell the furniture, but you do not want to keep

  • Staging your home

  • Subscriptions and mailing addresses are updated.

  • Your yard should be spruced up to increase curb appeal

  • Transferring utilities

  • Make sure you update your registration for your car

Tip #2: Invest in the transportation of materials and equipment.

A few days before the significant moving day, make sure you have enough things you need. Going to the market isn't something you'll need to do when packing boxes for your move or ensuring that everything is taken out of your home. Sticky bandages, box cutters, packaging tape, permanent marker paper towels along with trash cans are some of the things that can be purchased or bought. Even if you do not use them all in the process of transferring, later, they'll prove useful!

You can consider renting equipment from a company specializing in moving more heavy-duty objects. If you are a frequent mover, purchasing these items is a good idea. Be sure to have pads or covers, as well as ropes or tie-down straps, available throughout the move regardless of whether you purchase or hire them or take them on loan.

Tip #3 - Begin by packing only one space at a.

Moving may be stressful at moments. You can ease the stress by focusing on one area at one time. It is also possible to reduce your goal to pack up the entire home into smaller tasks. Organizing your home can be made more accessible by packing a specific area each time.

Are you interested in knowing what you should start packing first? Read more here.

Begin by packing rooms you don't frequent as much as guest bedrooms or dining rooms. When you are closer to moving day, you'll be able to begin packing the rooms you use more often. Take one room at a. It allows you to keep things well-organized and save you time when taking things out. Additionally, it will make it easier to unpack since you can put boxes in their rooms.

Tip #4: You must begin packing as quickly as you can.

The most challenging element of moving can be the time crunch. When looking at the laundry list, finishing can be overwhelming if you do not begin in time. You're ready to start packing once you've chosen the labeling method you'll use. Begin with a minimum of two weeks before your move date is a great general rule of thumb. Begin with items that you don't often use, and then save the things that you use regularly to last.

Tip #5 - Create an exact labeling system.

Before you begin packing:

  1. You might want to create a system that will categorize your possessions and other personal things. You can use various colors or numbers to arrange your belongings visually.

  2. If you label your boxes, note the contents, destination, and destination, as well as the items that are delicate.

  3. Note this information on each edge of your box, so it is easy to see where it should go later.

Moving to specific locations can be more difficult due to the area, for example, the Capitola area. If you're finding it hard to prepare and pack for your move, we suggest you contact expert Capitola movers to assist you.

It will keep the possibility of having to load a car filled with identical boxes and no idea of what's inside. To make the process simpler when you move to your new residence, you can take the boxes directly to the room they're to. This will save you time and energy when you are packing.


Utilizing our easy but efficient list of the top methods to avoid stress during your move can help you relax during the process and get the task done. Let us help you. We have professional licensed and insured Capitola movers to help you.

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