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Truckers: Protect Yourself From These Major Safety Hazards

May 2

A lot of trucker injuries are caused by being exposed to certain situations or circumstances. Four accidents should be of concern to trucking firms in Bakersfield CA.


1. Accidents on the road

This is perhaps the most evident. Truckers work for long hours in their vehicles, which have huge blind zones and inadequate maneuverability. The chance of being involved in an accident is higher when they drive at night, in poor conditions, or on frozen roads.


2. Incorrect ergonomics can result in injuries

Truckers may experience leg, back, arm, and hand pain when they are in a single position for too long. The truckers might also feel muscle pain when loading or unloading their goods.


3. Repairs in the field

The truckers may be injured in the course of field maintenance or vehicle maintenance.


4. Falls

The doors to the driver and passenger compartments of transport vehicles aren't as close to the ground as they are in regular cars. If you climb into or descend from a vehicle, the drivers risk injuries.



What are the risks associated with the use of trucks?


1. There are dangers of mishaps

  • Leaks or spills of combustible liquids can pose the risk of fire (e.g. tanks that have been damaged due to mechanical failure or collision)

  • Chemical burns can be caused by dangerous goods such as explosives and toxic chemicals.

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning, which is a severe but uncommon complication of automobile exhaust, is also a possibility.

  • Particularly, long-haul truck drivers are more at risk of car accidents.

  • The length of time spent driving can increase the chance of exhaustion

  • For instance, falling off the ladder or from the trailer.

  • There is a risk of crushing two trailers when you attempt to separate them.

  • Trauma resulting from a physical strain like when lifting large cargo pieces.

  • See Fatigue, Distraction, and Impairment


2. Risks to your health


  • Engine noises that exceed 80 decibels can trigger severe headaches and permanent loss of hearing.

  • Exposure to radiation in the ultraviolet spectrum (UV).

  • Exposure to extreme heat or cold may affect one's health (for instance, heat stroke and frostbite).

  • Vibrations can cause fatigue and injuries to the musculoskeletal system.


3. Toxicological Risques


  • Moving hazardous goods could expose you to toxic chemicals

  • Skin diseases caused by chemicals like dermatitis are more prevalent.

  • The long-term effects of breathing exhaust fumes

  • Inhaling dust is a condition that can happen when driving on roads that are deserted.


4. The Aspects of Biological Safety


  • There is a greater risk of transmission of disease or contamination through biological cargo.


5. Risks to the ergonomics of the workplace


  • Driving for long periods in an unnatural position could result in lower back pain or other musculoskeletal issues.

  • Eye swelling as a result of strain on the eyes from driving at night or in inadequate lighting conditions.


6. Mental Health and Well-being: Risques


  • The risk of losing their life (e.g., being victimized by an act of violence that targets precious items or physical violence at rest stops along the road).

  • The stress of being away from family and friends and the worry that someone might receive unwelcome instructions via a mobile phone or any other radio-based communication device could be extremely stress-inducing.

  • There are steps that trucking firms in Bakersfield (CA) can adopt to make sure their employees are safe and healthy when they are at work.


Before you take a truck for a ride What should you be conscious of?

These suggestions can help you reduce the chance of being injured or even dying while driving.


  • If not done correctly If done incorrectly, lifting and moving weighty or awkward loads could be dangerous.

  • Utilize mechanical lifting aids as often as you can to ease your burden.

  • Take care not to breathe the fumes that come from your vehicle.

  • Make sure to turn off the engine when you park, particularly when you are in a closed area.

  • To ensure that your body and hands are safe Protective clothing for your hands and body like gloves that are chemical resistant and shoes with steel toes and overalls must be put on.

  • Make small breaks while driving for long durations of time.

  • Training programs will show you how to spot the signs of violence and how to respond to it.

The trucking firm Bakersfield CA will provide you with an alarm you can use to contact for assistance.

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